Sunday, February 05, 2017

Politics and Hypocrisy - EU and USA

Most ordinary people in the UK and doubtless in many EU states felt, to put it mildly, disappointed by the success of Donald Trump in the USA presidential election.

Personally I prefer all the political leaders in the UK to  Mr Trump  and that includes left right centre and nationalist. However the hypocrisy of  all those marching in Europe and the UK in protest at Mr Trump's refusal to take refugees and  other immigrants from war torn countries of the Middle East is astounding.

True in my humble opinion that the closing of the immigration door to war and grief stricken prospective  immigrants from largely Muslim countries in the affected countries is quite wrong and inhumane.

However the EU policy of preventing such people from immigrating to continental Europe by paying billions of Euros to Turkey to retain them there, is surely as bad if not worse than the American President's policy not least as the latter was prima facie to have been time limited for 150 days?

Furthermore the American courts through a first instance Seattle judge, have begun to question the legitimacy of President Trump's actions in this area. The EU judges seem to be keeping very quiet about the rather unsavoury arrangements made by continental Europe with Turkey and where are the protesters in the Eurupean or London streets about that?

"A plague on both their houses" seems an apt immediate reaction.

The world needs to consider the refugee crisis globally and decisions made about where refugees are best resettled bearing in mind nations' land food and financial resources as well of course as the refugees' own positions and the proximity of relatives.

Some European states have expressed concerns about  the religious characteristics of refugees compared with the religious characteristics of their domestic populations. My own view is that such concerns should have no place in the decision making processes but an organisation such as the UN could if apt doubtless consider  factoring in such worries as part of its resettling arrangements.

Reverting to the EU: Angela  Merkel's original decision to go it alone, open her country's doors to c. 1m refugees/immigrants from the Middle East and then to impose large fines on those EU countries in the Schenegen area which refused to toe her line, hugely exacerbated the problem for Europe and was, sadly imho, quite incompatible with what the EU  is intended to be about.

The  UK is in any event not in the Schenegen area though whether UK funds are included in the huge EU payments being made to Turkey, is as with so many  other EU matters, financially quite unclear.

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