Saturday, July 15, 2017


The UK referendum result  that most of the population of this country wish to leave the EU, so far seems to have caused EU countries to become antagonistic. 

Instead of considering the genuine concerns felt many many in the UK and making offers to ameliorate some of those, other European countries immediately commenced  competing with one another, to take over the EU institutions currently based in the UK such as the central medical centre, financial and banking operations. At the same time the EU civil servants overseeing the negotiations, started banding about absurd numbers of Euros that the UK will have to pay to leave. 

My own view  is that the EU civil servants' tactics to date though quite wrong and amounting to the extent of  "bullying", are proving successful in worrying ordinary citizens here. That view was amply illustrated by the UK general election result giving no party an overall majority.  

Nonetheless Brexit is bound to be to the detriment of the remaining 27 EU member states so the EU's  failure both before and so far after, the referendum here, to offer some concessions even if only of the olive branch variety to the UK, is surprising. 

Squabbling over which EU country is to receive what spoils from the UK, tends to add weight to the opinion that UK EU membership is hardly beneficial to the country which pays an huge amount each year by way of membership fees -  at c.  £13bn pa - is the second largest.

Add to the huge payments made by the UK, the likelihood that the Brexit vote  not only resulted from   concerns about existing unlimited immigration from other EU countries to the UK but also from the likelihood that the population of these Islands, the geograpical area of which is far smaller than the nations of Germany or France, will in a few years time, exceed that of even Germany, one can understand the UK people's concerns. 

If the 27 are truly concerned to retain the membership of the 28th, the 27 would and in my view should, offer to permit the UK to control or at least restrict immigration to these islands.

 A substantial new offer, perhaps to the effect that EU citizens seeking to live in the UK should if they are below retirement age, generally have employment to attend to here, could be sufficient to cause a further referendum in this country, the result of which would then in my humble opinion be likely to be to Remain.

The disadvantage of a second referendum if one takes place, is that the likely Remain outcome would essentially mean that leaving the EU proves to be not just difficult but impossible, after joining that organisation.

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