Saturday, August 05, 2017

Venezuela - President Maduro's Alleged Constituent Assembly

The apparent political views of President Trump of the USA tend to be rather different from my own but one view he holds with which many appear to agree, is that the new 'constituent assembly' created by Venezuelan President Maduro, is "the illegitimate product of a flawed process designed by the Madura dictatorship". 

Having said that it is perhaps noteworthy that  a supporter or at least a former supporter of Venezuelan regimes, namely the leader of the opposition in the House of Commons, Jeremy Corbyn, has not so far joined in the widespread international opposition to President Maduro's actions in Venezuela.

According to The Times newspaper,  His Holiness Pope Francis made a last minute appeal for the constituent assembly to be suspended with the Vatican issuing a statement urging President Maduro

 "to suspend initiatives such as the new constituent assembly, whiich rather than fostering reconciliation and peace, encourages a climate of tension and confrontation and mortgages the  future."

The pleas of Venezuelan expatriates living in the UK, to Jeremy Corbyn to speak out against Maduro's regime appear so far at least, to be falling onto deaf ears. There are  dire food shortages in that country and another Venezuelan exile, a lawyer, urging the Leader of HM Parliamentary Opposition, to join the protests, is recorded (The Times) as saying:

"Silence is very dangerous. Silence is complicity. This is not communism. It's dictatorship, tyranny. Who wants their party to be the friend of a dictator? People who kill protesters are not your friend."

Leaders from over 40 countries have condemned Maduro; sadly the leader of Her Majesy's opposition in the UK is not yet among them.

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