Saturday, March 16, 2019


The debates about leaving the EU and on what terms continue. Interestingly the Times reports that many German school children find Brexit arguments fascinating.

The current vogue is to complain about the UK being weak or its place in the world being diluted as a consequence of the Brexit situation. 

Personally I disagree that the referendum result and subsequent debates within the UK are a sign of weakness. In fact they are signs of maturity and strength of the people as indeed was the fact that the largest number of voters in living memory took part in the referendum three years ago. One could argue that the result might have been different if youngsters of 16 years of age been eligible to vote but the countervailing argument that people do not reach maturity until they are rather older say 21 if not 25 is probably stronger. One tends to pay no tax as  child and needs experiences of life to hone one's intellect.

As to the future; the majority of MPs are against Brexit even in constituencies where locals voted to leave the EU, as illustrated by the recent decision of Nick Boles the remainer Tory MP for Grantham and Stamford, who has just resigned from his local Tory Party as the people in his constituency  voted for Brexit.

The Prime Minister Mrs May herself a remainer is at least attempting to put the majority verdict into effect though her character seems rather too wooden and unimaginative to me. 

Still the PM is having to fight with 27 other nations which would be no mean feat for any politician. The media's view that she is weak hardly reflects the 27 against 1 fight she is involved in. Add to that  the fact that she has a majority of MPs from all parties who in reality support Remain one can see why she is losing her voice.

The time has come for the UK to leave and move on. 

As to the future; the Northern Irish position may need a referendum to resolve with the question being  whether NI unites with the Republic;  the outcome of that  referendum would probably also resolve the backstop which is curretly giving so much trouble. 

Scotland too might have another independence referendum though whether they could actually afford independence, is open to serious question. More to the point another referendum  about Scottish independence, should be for another generation as this one has already decided recently; likewise for another  UK wide Brexit referendum -  the country has already decided recently.

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