Saturday, March 30, 2019

More Remain/Brexit Issues

The inability of the political classes in the UK to honour the Referendum result and their promises to quit the EU continues to amaze.

Having voted to remain in the referendum and then learned after the results were declared, that rather more voted to leave the EU, I rather assumed that the Brexit decision would be put into effect by the politicians who had asked for the people's opinion. 

The fact that negotiating with the EU was not easy given the 27 to 1 negotiating position was always clear but having the UK side represented by a remain PM hardly helped, especially as Mrs May seems to have a rather wooden, inflexible, political personality. 

The Leader of the opposition too sadly has political flexibility apparently only to further his own political ends rather than to support the electorate's decision to quit the EU

None the less the MPs of all parties with the exceptions perhaps of the SNP and UU parties (neither of which I support) have, of late, failed to take heed of the electorate's wishes, with many going down the usual EU route to the effect that if a referendum result is not in accord with Brussels' wishes, re-run and re-run again until the outcome changes to suit Brussels.

What is required now is a Tory leader who is keen on Brexit and an exit from the UK asap even without a deal. 

Certainly going down the tired EU route of more referenda until the "right" result is achieved must be avoided. Responding to the EU's demand to pay £39bn as a condition of negotiating should also be a clear "no" "non" "niet", which presumably a Brexit PM would be pleased to state.

If the UK ends up remaining, no other EU member will ever be able to quit that organisation in my view.

One of the absurdities of the EU at present, is that buyer of say a BMW motor car for say £50,000, essentially has the deal subsidised by the UK  taxpayer most of whom earn far less than that in a year. After Brexit BMW car imports will be subject to import duty, with the result that purchasers will have to pay £1,500 more per car. Presumably that £1,500 per car is what tax payers in the UK are subsidising BMW car buyers for at this time, courtesy of the EU - quite apart from the serious cheating about pollution by certain car manufacturers anyway.

Having previously been a remain supporter,  switching to Brexit and asap, seems wise.

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