Saturday, April 13, 2019

Honda Jazz

Our youngest having within the last week or two bought a flat relatively inexpensively  in Wimbledon SW19, with the assistance of the government's "Help to Buy" scheme (the scheme much criticised for  various political reasons) it was necessary for mrs maytrees and I to buy a car very quickly, as maytrees min has owned our only car  and of course needed to keep it near her new flat. 

Having seen how the EU encouraged people to buy diesels a few years back but now upon discovering that how so many manufactured until recently, were badly polluting the atmosphere, are discouraging people from owning such vehicles we decided to avoid diesel although maytrees min's car is diesel. 

Sadly despite the previous erroneous encouragement by the European civil servants,  those who bought diesel vehicles at the time, are now, far from being compensated,  essentially being fined for owning them, for example by huge parking permit surcharges and extra payments for driving them into London. 

In addition to the above, the huge swindles as to pollution statistics apparently perpetrated by German manufacturers over the years, resulting in multi-billion dollar fines in the USA and rather belatedly by EU proceedings against them for billions of Euros, being pursued, buying say a VW Polo to replace that of maytrees min I felt would be out of the question.

In the event, recalling the days as a teenager when motorised transport was a Honda 50cc motor bike which was even then, over 50 years ago, incredibly reliable, I decided to look at a modern Honda Jazz. Initially the Jazz belonging to a BU neighbour who decided he was too old to drive now attracted but mrs maytrees was not keen on automatic transmission. In the event we acquired an up to date second hand Jazz from a Honda specialist nearby in Wimbledon Park.

So far the car is proving very comfortable and drives well.

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