Saturday, June 22, 2019

Politics C21 Style

Boris Johnson's reported spat with his girlfriend last night, probably illustrates the lack of wisdom of a c. 55 year old man having a c.30 year old girlfriend. Still it has put me off him for the time being though the neighbour who recorded the incident and then reported to the Guardian was presumably a trendy leftie  hoping for a nice payoff. 

Nonetheless, the President of France has a wife many years older than he yet they manage to keep any arguments they have, to themselves. Possibly living in a small suburban flat is not the best method of keeping any domestic quarrels  between well known people, out of the media.

Jeremy Hunt's friend manhandling a woman in  private Guildhall event to which she had gained unauthorised access, may be in a different category though Mrs May was probably right to suspend him quickly, pending further inquiry.

However the Tory erstwhile MP who has just been kicked out of his House of Commons seat for cheating over his expenses makes it a bad week for the Tories and increases in my view, the likelihood of a general election. 

In the old days all Labour would have to do would be keep low then romp home in the general election. However with the Brexit Party so popular and Labour still fence sitting about brexit and another referendum, not to mention Jeremy Corbyn's support for Venezuelan politics, the Lib/Dems may be the alternative that some opt for.

In many ways more significantly was in the past few days, Angela Merkel's  really sad looking shaking fit and her categorically turning down the EU presidency. She appears to me at least to be ill which would be very sad. 

No other EU leader in my opinion is up to Mrs Merkel's high standards for the EU and indeed for her own own country. Mrs Merkel's influence will be missed on the continent and beyond. 

Then far more worryingly than any of the above, was  President Trump being within 10 minutes  of starting a full scale war with Iran but  apparently changing his mind after some US bombers  were already in the air.

As for domestic politics my view at present is Come back Michael Gove all is forgiven.

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