Sunday, July 28, 2019

Lunch at The Westbury

Mrs maytrees' family members,  Noel and  Jason very kindly treated mrs maytrees and myself to  wonderful lunch at the Westbury Hotel Restaurant "Alyn Williams at the Westbury."

Having been pouring with rain in the early morning following the  sunshine and record temperatures at the beginning of the week the rain cleared just in time for our walk to Wimbledon Station. Interestingly Worple Road SW19 and SW20 has now been closed for days ( collapsed water main apparently) so there are no buses and little traffic - wonderfully quiet and calm but the workment there are optimistic about the road re-opening in time for the Stratford to Box Hill cycle races when of course the  road will be closed again this time for all traffic except cycles.

The  Lunch at the Alyn Williams was relaxing and delicious. 

Unlike many other  restaurants expensive or not,  there was ample room between tables which allowed for easy, undisturbed, conversation and discussion.

The pictures below from mrs maytrees, her brother and Jason, say more than I can:

As will be seen from the above the meal was a late 70th birthday present from Noel and Jason which was very much enjoyed.

In fact my own meal which was  based on a line caught mackerel  for the main course and a summer pudding for desert, is not photographed but was delicious as were the between course hors d'oeuvres and sweet dishes with coffee or mint tea at the end of the meal.

 For wine Noel asked me to choose from the wine list though I am no connoisseur. English wines were at the very end of the impressive wine list  and the bottle of white I selected turned out to be the last bottle  of that wine in the house - delicious it was too.

My thanks to Noel, Jason and of course mrs maytrees for  a really enjoyable lunch.

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