Saturday, August 17, 2019

Westminster Pier to Kew Gardens

Maytrees min 70th Birthday gift was a trip for two on an old Thames boat from Westminster Pier to Kew and then entry into Kew Gardens on what turned out to be the only sunny day during this showery and stormy weather week.

The boat trip lasted for about an hour and a half and was interspersed with interesting comments by the captain on the bridges and sights to see on either bank of the Thames.

One of the interesting comments made by the captain concerned the old Harrods Repository building. Apparently the building was sold by Harrods some time ago and  converted into flats with a new housing estate on adjoining land. The prices of the flats and houses are according to the Captain out of this world. Cost apart what put me off the estate was the fact that it is called or maybe known as "Harrods Village."

The boat old though it was sold some decent wine which other passengers were happy to avail themselves of

Passing under the Thames Bridges was interesting as details of who designed them when they were built and the current issues with Hammersmith Bridge were given by the captain. Interestingly he had difficulties in explaining to the American tourists present why the two bridges carrying trains to Wimbledon and Richmond on the Underground were in fact so obviously not underground at all.

We alighted at Kew

And made our way to Kew Gardens. Having been to Kew Gardens many times from Childhood days when the entry fee was 1d. to today when the fee for admission is some £15, it was surprising to find it full of tourists from around the globe obviously not too put off by the admission costs. In fact as preserving the world's plant life is now as much of the aim of Kew Gardens as welcoming visitors to view plant life there, the cost of admission is overall reasonable.  

Mrs Maytrees and I enjoyed roaming around the gardens and the huge old Victorian greenhouse:

There were also a number of sculptured exhibits which were interesting

Upon leaving Kew gardens to travel home home, we were fortunate enough to catch a bus immediately to Richmond Station and thence by SouthWestern Railway directly to Wimbledon.

A really interesting and enjoyable day, with many thanks to maytrees min.

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