Saturday, November 16, 2019

UK General Election December 12th 2019

The general election in this country is due to take place on December 12th 2019. Hopefully the outcome will be clearer for the UK than the Spanish general election a few days ago was for Spain.

The main issue currently is considered whether to  Remain in the EU or to leave. Additionally though the Tories have been in power for years and usually in the UK after a decade of rule by the same political party voters seek a change.

If the Labour Party was still led by say David Milliband  I have little doubt but that Labour would sweep to power on December 12th. However Labour is led by Jeremy Corbyn who seems to me at least, to be a hopeless political leader. 

Labour's policy on Remain/Brexit as regards the EU, exemplifies this hopelessness if my understanding about that is correct. On the one hand Labour suggest that they would re-negotiate with the EU and secure a better  Brexit deal, which the EU itself has signified would not be possible. Then Labour would have a referendum on its new deal, pending which Labour would be canvassing for remain, which I understand to mean that  their new Labour deal should be rejected. 

Possibly my understanding  of Labour EU policy is incorrect. If so Labour have a lot of explaining to do before 12th December 2019. 

Even if Labour  win the general election, secure a new referendum in which a simple majority votes to remain, that cannot square with all Labour's talk of nationalising large swathes of British industry, as such would be against EU rules.

Boris Johnson may be Eton educated, prone to making gaffes, having girlfriends not favoured by many UK electors and not seeing the importance to some people of such matters as visiting flood sites immediately after flooding, yet he is still miles ahead of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour as the British public may be awkward but  generally not  that mad.

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