Saturday, December 07, 2019

Final Election Debate by Party Leaders

The BBC broadcast last night of the debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn was in my view well conducted and more interesting than many of the earlier TV appearances by politicians on the election trail.  

A snap poll after the broadcast signified that people voted 52/48 in favour of the performance of Boris  Johnson over Jeremy Corbyn which seemed to me about correct.

My overriding impression however was that to be a leading politician these days one needs to have an extremely thick skin and be able easily to shrug off criticisms. Just scanning the  readers' comment pages of the Telegraph on line, signifies how critical people are of their actual and putative political leaders, which applies as much to a hardly right politician as to a hard left one. 

What the politicians to not say is probably more significant than the words publicly uttered forth on TV and Radio. 

The two leaders know full well that the electorate wholeheartedly support the UK's national health service. However with the average age of the population increasing and a large number of people continuing to immigrate into the UK billions of pounds are need to be spent simply to stand still. Quite how to raise that extra money is unclear. Possibly the LibDem idea of raising income tax by a penny or two in the pound to assist in paying for the NHS is a good one but the two main parties said little about tax raising but much about spending - it simply does not add  up.

As for the LibDems   it would have been better for the LibDem leader to have been present too. Still we had much info about the hard left and hardly right views to ponder over. I wish we had a harder right party which could for example insist on universities allowing people of all the political spectrum to give talks rather than the soppy left only. Possibly there are too many universities now anyway though it is interesting that all the BBC radio's recent broadcasts about the election have come from universities around the country. That seems odd to me as mostly university students these days are trendy lefties but anyway  with very few  apparent Tories.

The LibDem's wish to allow people to choose their own gender is appalling in my view. Add to that their wish to allow convicts to call themselves female and go to women's prisons, the conversion of all  public lavatories to gender neutral lavatories and so on, it would have been excellent to see how they would have fared yesterday night. Such matters are far more significant than Brexit/Remain but I can see why the LibDems keep them  so quiet.

The SDP  DUP Sinn Fein etc needed not to be invited to attend  the BBC  UK leaders' debate as they are only standing in Scotland Ireland etc.

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