Saturday, December 28, 2019

Predictions for 2020

Predicting what might occur during the year ahead is usually not  the most straightforward of tasks. However for next year, 2020 my  own predictions are:

1.  The UK will leave the EU. 

This prediction is more straightforward than others, now that Boris Johnson's Tory Party has  won its eighty seat majority in the House of Commons.

2. The Daily Telegraph in the UK will be taken over by another media group, probably Mail Newspapers.

The Barclay Brothers of Brecou in the Channel Islands, when last I visited nearby Sark, have their own problems which at least at the time of my visit,  had resulted in some premises on Sark owned by the brothers being closed. The brothers have it is rumoured, been looking to sell the Telegraph for some while. 2020 seems the likely year for them to succeed.

3.  Turkey which is currently paid billions of Euros by the EU to keep refugees from the Middle East in camps,  will allow hundreds of thousands of refugees to leave thus creating a crisis for the refugees and for the EU.

A key to the above is surely that the UN needs to bring the difficult issue of resettling  peoples who have been displaced by wars, to the top of its decision list. Countries with space, and there are many, should  be requested to offer to house refugees but other countries should provide more financial support for receiving countries, as well as for the refugees more directly. The UN is sadly not structured in such a way at this time nor in my view, will it be next year.

4. The attempt at impeachment of President Trump will fail and he will be re-elected at the November 2020 election there. 

Such re-election would be disappointing in my opinion  but the Republicans will find appointing another  and with respect rather better, candidate difficult whilst opposing the Democrats attempt to impeach the  existing President.  However, the Democrats so far  at lest, appear to be unable to select a new dynamic younger candidate.

5. The Labour Party in the UK will fail to elect a leader who would return the Party to sanity and success.

The above arises I believe,  from the changes brought about to Labour by Momentum and the Trade Unions. Labour may elect a woman leader simply because of their interpretation of political correctness but if so, she will alas be as far left of centre as their current leader.

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