Saturday, March 28, 2020

Covid - 19 Lock Down

My last three previous blog posts were about coffee shops,  Catholic mass, confession and dining at Westminster Cathedral with an old HCPT friend and attending the  Wimbledon HMV  Curzon cinema to have a drink and watch the film Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

Events are moving so quickly that none of the above happenings can now legitimately  take place in the UK at present.

On the other hand the situation caused maytrees min who lives in a flat not that far away to arrange a Face Time meeting/conversation with maytrees mi in Auckland New Zealand, herself in SW19 and ourselves in SW20.

Maytrees mi showed us via guided tour through his NZ flat's windows how the streets there too have become quiet through the NZ total lock down, though mrs maytrees was more impressed by the tidiness of the interior of his flat, not to mention its modern kitchen and bathroom.

Many people though are being tragically affected by Covid - 19 with its death toll almost everywhere increasing daily - may they R.I.P. Add to this the fact that many are prevented from visiting their loved ones in hospital and care homes, in some cases as they are dying, the situation is grave indeed.

Perhaps the experiment in Sweden where normal life, including schooling is  broadly continuing, will in the end prove successful though there the 500 people limit to public gatherings has just been reduced to 100 people. 

I hope  though that the Swedes' broad idea  is correct.

The Chinese however signify that in Wuhan  where the virus originated, virtually no new cases of Covid - 19 are occurring. Are they to believed and even if they are, will not new cases break out when the population emerges from lock down?

In the UK the Prime minister, his chief medical adviser and others have caught the virus as did recently Prince Charles, so no one is exempt.

For anyone chancing upon this blog, keep safe.

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