Saturday, April 25, 2020

Large Nations or Small in C21?

One of the dreadful  effects of WWII whilst the war  and its killings were still in train,  was  in effect, the creation of superstates  which  really replaced the individual countries that had been conquered,  in Europe by  the Russians or Germans and in the Far East by the Japanese.

After WWII  some of these superstates  began to crumble back into individual smaller countries. The breaking down of the Berlin Wall by students and others working together in 1989 led to East and West Germany reuniting to become Germany once again. A couple of years later the USSR itself essentially crumbled back to some individual states including of course Russia itself. The British Empire thankfully faded may years ago as indeed did the empires of other European countries.

Reflecting on the changes at this time of the world Covid-19 pandemic it is true to say that there is no absolute best way forward for nation states or superstates. However it is my personal view that the time has come for many superstates to be become smaller self governing individual countries.

The recent statements by the EU Brexit negotiator reported on Sky news  in essence as blasting the UK for not moving on one or other of the points he, Monsieur Barnier was raising, tends to illustrate the view expressed in the preceding paragraph above. Many individual countries in Europe are led by presidents or parliaments or similar, who often appear to have far more civilised and sensible methods of governing and/or negotiating. Usually such negotiations proceed fairly quietly with give and take on both sides being applied.

However moving away from the  EU and looking at China, one sees so suspicious are the Chinese statistics about Covid-19 in that country, which is really now an empire, that the BBC has ceased to use them as a comparison at all. The Chinese attitude to the Uighur muslims living within its empire, illustrates the point well with the Chinese  empire's leader essentially placing many into camps to re-educate them to be more Chinese. The Chinese empire has  also extended to other states such as parts of Burma and they are in dispute with several other nations about their attempts to take over islands in international waters.

The USA itself is perhaps another example. Individual states ruled by their own governors are taking individual decisions  about ending or not their Covid-19 restrictions some of which appear to be incensing President Trump of the USA.

The USA which is also really an empire, has by its large size and power assisted in protecting the free world during for example the Cuban missile crisis with the USSR in 1962.

However as indicated above, since 1962 the USSR has divided into several different countries. Given the issues with  the Chinese empire, maybe  an American counterbalancing one is still required for the time being. Nonetheless if the USA empire  had already  largely eased with many individual states becoming self governing countries, would all the dreadful wars in the Middle East which included the USA, have taken place? One could argue given the continuing Russian involvement, that  they might, yet the point is never really debated.

Reverting to the EU - the UK  is out, which distresses  Monsieur Barnier. Will the  EU survive let alone thrive in the years ahead; will the empires of Red China and the USA also survive  and what about the Russians?

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