Saturday, May 09, 2020

Lock Down Time

The covid -19 lock down has provided much time for interests, hobbies and other matters that were if not forgotten before the Chinese 'flu pandemic at least put on hold for a lengthy time.

In my own case the publication of:

The Wandering Soul

on March 26th 2020 seems well timed . However Amazon Waterstones and the like are only selling e-versions at present though thankfully, the publishers themselves have provided a sale site for me. Clicking on the title above will  redirect to that site, for any who may be interested.

Preparing for my Employment Tribunal case, which in June 2019, led to the writing of the autobiography in question, is also facilitated by the lock down and has the advantage of providing a complete personal distraction from the needs, as set out by HM Government to:

Stay at Home; Protect the NHS and Save Lives

My own view though remains that there should have been no compulsory lock down and that as in the case of Hong Kong 'flu in the 1960s, business should not have been closed and vast amounts of tax payers' money spent on paying people's wages which otherwise would have been met by employers.

Hopefully though after the Prime Minister speaks tomorrow night, the way ahead will be clearer. Meanwhile the skies, the roads and most importantly the atmosphere, are clearer quieter and far more pleasant than they have been for many years.

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