Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lady Day 2007

Amazing how quickly the year passes. Easter almost upon us again
and soon the annual HCPT Group 35 trip to Lourdes will be under way.

Bernie a long standing Group 35 helper, an emigre from Baghdad produced
a feast for the helpers' meeting at her home last night, fit for a king.
The food included the biblical "manna from heaven", which I have never seen
or tasted before. Its consistency is akin to man made nougat but the taste
of this natural food is not at all sweet; more nutty and almost meaty.

A great turnout of voluntary helpers and a full agenda prepared by
Doctor Lucy also gave us the courage to practice some Lourdes-type
singing which we did with some gusto.

One of the miracles of Lourdes for me is the huge goodwill it brings out
in most people when the topic is raised in conversation. For example:

Fundraising for taking disabled children to Lourdes
brings in the cash for their fares and accommodation each year without fail.
A local school headmaster volunteers to drive 9 helpers in
his school's minibus, to the airport, at
4:30am on Easter Monday a bank holiday.
A sharecrazy poster gives some prize money to HCPT HQ for the group
even though he signfies that normally religion is not his thing.
17 year old "A" level students volunteer to help during
their school holidays.
Bernie cooks her feast and won't even hear of help with washing
the dishes afterwards

And I could go on...

Today in England is "Lady Day". The lawyer in me recalls that this
is one of the old fashioned Common Law default dates for paying quarterly rents
but the HCPT pilgrim part of me recalls the feast of the Annunciation
that Lady Day commemorates. BBC Radio 3's early morning rendition
of the Salve Regina today makes plain the relevant thought.

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