Friday, October 12, 2007

Gastropub Book Launch

An invitation by the author to counsel's book launch of
Employment in Schools a Legal Guide sounded on paper as if it might
prove a somewhat grey/red tape sort of evening out but the
Gastropub venue at The Green Clarkenwell proved anything but grey.

Counsel himself was there and had managed to distill an explanation of
employment laws for the really difficult and sometimes odd,
patchwork of different types of
English schools, into a concise ready reckoner for teachers
unions, LEAs and lawyers. The good wine and tasty gastronomical
morsels on offer also encouraged me to buy a copy for my day job office.

Sharon from the Association of Teachers and Lecturers compared the
behaviour she came across of English school children unfavourably yet honestly,
with that of their counterparts in N. Ireland, Wales and her homeland
in the Carribean and agreed that answers to such deteriorating behavioural
problems needed to be found.

A London borough lawyer turned out to be a fellow Catholic living nearby
me in SW London,
who with her husband were both from Australia. They were concerned
like many local Catholics, to find a good state school which shared
their values for their children, thus minimising for them, the problems
just discussed with Sharon.

Their local Catholic primary school
is heavily over subscribed. If only the same could be said
for the local Catholic Church.

An unsual and educational evening was happily rounded off by
be able to take the train directly back to SW London's Wimbledon from
NE London's Farringdon Station.

Thank you learned counsel.

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