Sunday, October 07, 2007

More on Burma

The clampdown by the Burmese military on that country's oppressed citizens,
has put out the flickering flame of their quest for freedom - for the time being.

This again raises the question of whether
nations with more open and tolerant governments should use their
military power to try to free the oppressed. Again though
it goes against the human instinct of trying to oppress
the oppressors, the temptation to use force should be very carefully
considered before anyone goes in.The UK is not important
enough to make a decision to do so on its own and
neither is any other nation in the C21.
Using force in self defence as in WW2 or more recently in the Falkland
Islands is justified but in other circumstances the outcome
risks creating more bloodshed
and tyranny than existed before as sadly, seems likely to be the case
in Iraq.

Diplomacy, UN, media attention, targeted boycotts,
sanctions and prayer are the apt response rather than war.

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