Sunday, December 30, 2007

O2 and Tutankhamen

London's Millennium Dome might have been an expensive white elephant
at the turn of the millennium but now C21 is well underway, it has
all the appearance of being a great success. Commercially there are
loads of the usual chain type restaurants and shops but the whole of
this very large tented space is thronged with people young and old alike.
The ice rink attracts as presumably did recent pop concerts eg by the Spice Girls.

The Tutankhamen exhibition was a sellout yesterday, not a ticket to be had until next
year now,not even for ready money. The exhibit which made the greatest
impression on me was not his golden sarcophagus but his staff depicting
an African slave held with his spine arched backwards to form the staff's
handle. The piccie above does not do real justice to the exhibit. The
impact was a truly shocking reminder of man's inhumanity to man
over the millennia and a salutary reminder of the path civilisation (and religion)
have to tread to eradicate such unchristian abuses.

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