Saturday, December 29, 2007


That the Christmas holy season extends beyond 25th December into the New Year with
the feast of the Epiphany on 6th January marking the end of the
celebrations, seems a reasonable ex post facto explanation for my
blogging about predictions for the new year before mentioning Christmas.

Evening Mass with carols beforehand, including one entitled I think,
"Something wonderful is happening tonight", derived from an old Eric Clapton song,
in a Church so packed that for some there was no room even in the porch,
began to bring home the true message that the rise and rise of British shopping experiences often camouflages. Family at home reflects partially at least
the Holy Family and the Nativity scenes as does the great tradition of Chistmas present giving.

One such present from my oldest daughter was a couple of tickets to
the Tutankhamun exhibition at London's O2 erstwhile Millennium Dome
later today. I was lucky enough as a student to visit Tutankhamun's tomb
at Thebes Egypt in the '60s with a good friend so am looking forward
to the revisit at North Greenwich later.

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