Saturday, December 22, 2007

Predictions for 2008

Making resolutions for the New Year never appeals but reading the runes
and trying to fathom what may happen does fascinate.

I can do little better than to replicate below, my post from the SC site:

Not sure how well the predictions for 2007 panned
out - there was almost but not quite a UK general election.
The collapse of the FTSE100 didn't occur
and things in the UK carried on much as they had
in 2006. Will 2008 be a Groundhog year or...

My own predictions for 2008 are

The media: The FT will continue to thrive
but the Express will go to the wall as will one
of the London Freebies. ITV will try to move
a little back up market.

Economics: The end of successive years of economic
growth in the UK and a run on the £.

LSE: FTSE down 20%

UK Politics: With the 3 main Westminster political
parties having opted for youthful (-ish in the Labour Party's case)
leaders a key to quality will be
those which best utilise their elder statesmen/women's
experience as well. Cameron with Major behind the
scenes should pull ahead.

Religion: Reflecting the secular politicians,
a new younger looking
Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster will be appointed.

World Politics: Countries being even more parochial than in
2007 with Russians aiming to regain superpower status by increasing
gas/oil economic pressures on Europe and some
former ex-USSR states. Meanwhile much of Africa
starves save where Chinese for their own again parochial
reasons invest. Frankly if I was starving I'd
be more concerned about eating the food
than about the motives of the food providers

Sport: Chinese olympics will be a staged success but
with more diminution of Olympic spirit. Paula
Radcliffe will at last win an olympic marathon gold.

Wild card: Era of cheap flights draws to a close.

To any and all who read this, have a very Happy and Holy
Christmas 2007 and much good fortune in 2008.

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