Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wimbledon 10k Sunday30th March 2008

Following the HCPT pilgrimage to Lourdes during Easter Week
with a 10k race on Low Sunday almost immdiately after returning home,
is not perhaps the best race preparation.

This year I took the 57 bus to the start.
Many others in the race had had the same idea so the atmosphere
in the packed bus on the journey there was one of conviviality with much sharing
of previous race and marathon tales. Dan from nearby flats on Worple
Road had arranged for his fiance and friends to breakfast on their balcony
and cheer him on as the race progessed passed their flat on the route.

Brother John and nephew Leo were also among the competitors.
The race was spirited and well stewarded and towards the end
the sun shone - a great change from the week of rain in Lourdes.
Alas my time at c. 56 minutes was not as sunny as last year's 51+ minutes.
Congratulations to John and Leo on their c. 54 and 53 minutes.
Family pride has salved by my 2007
maytrees' record remaining unbroken.

Family breakfast at Wimbledon Common's Windmill tea rooms
was an ideal post race treat.

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