Sunday, June 22, 2008

Light (and Sound) Relief

The more upbeat part of the post the blog title implies appears later
but to start with one of the worlds' current manmade tragedies:

The plight of the inhabitants of Zimbabwe is stark and prayers were offered
at Mass this morning for that country ravaged as it is by so much tyrany.
I was going to add my h'ppence worth on ablog piece today but instead signed
a petition that had been drawn to my attention by HCPT Group 35 helper Cathryn.

My recent postings seem alas to reflect so many of mankind's problems that a reminder of
the great inventions and advances that have been made in the quality of life even since
WWII, seems apt. Add some personal trivia to that hopefully
gives the rest of this week's post a lighter flavour than others in the recent past.

The image above was published by the BBC yesterday to commemorate the
60th anniversary of the programmable Manchester uni computer "Baby". Despite the whole
room space it took, today's Ipod can do far more yet be held betweeen thumb and finger andof course the lives of countless numbers
have been improved or even saved by the development of computers since 1948.

Our 16 year old Panasonic CD player having finally given up the ghost a decision was needed as
to how to replace it. My preference for a second hand Bose Acoustic W ave® + 5 disc cd changer
(about £440 on Ebay) was laughed out of court by the younger members of the household.
Hideous looks and too big. In the end I accepted their suggestion of something called a "Sony NAS-EH35HD Giga Juke Hi-Fi System" - cost under £250 new.
This is a mini computer in itself and not only can play the old CDs
but also store 100s or is it 1000s, digitally if desired and download
or play direct from an Ipod.

A fraction of the size of Manchester Uni's 1948 Baby thankfully.

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