Sunday, June 29, 2008

Map Reading - South West to North East

These days many have SatNavs but so far not I. Yesterday there was a mini
HCPT Group 35 reunion and fete at St Elizabeths Much Hadham Hertfordshire to which
I had to drive from SW20 with another HCPT Group 35 helper to map read.

The RAC and AA direction finder websites suggested entirely different routes
with one suggesting taking a ring road around London and the other advising
on going through the City to the East End and then heading NE.

We opted for the latter but got hopelessly lost in East London when
all road signs to any where and every where petered out completely.
Taking a large SW London conurbation like Wandsworth, there are road direction
signs to motorways M3 and M4 local Clapham and not so local Portsmouth.
Parts of of E and NE London on the other hand seemed devoid of any such motorists'
aids. In Wimbledon the M25 is signposted despite it being miles away
why not the nearby M11 in Hackney?

East London had copious signposts for cyclists which of course is
very laudable but such politically correct weighting the road signing
towards cyclists seems illogical when alas the majority of
road users still rely on the internal combustion engine.

For the politcally correct or more fairly, those interested
in fighting global warming, the public transport options were
limited by the closure of the Victoria Line for engineering works;
the cost of two train fares from Liverpool Street would
have been higher than thepetrol cost of the journey.

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