Saturday, July 05, 2008

Anyone for Tennis?

Tennis is obviously a big feature in the lives of Wimbledon folk (wombles or not)
during championship fortnight, with even the train station forecourt
decked out with green artificial turf and an open air electronic tennis

For British supporters the usual almost but not quite banner
has been passed from Tim Henman to Andy Murray. Yet just now I watched
a 14 year old British girl Laura Robson beat 16 year old Thai
Noppawan Lertcheewakarn on Court One to win thejunior championship.
First time that has been achieved by a Briton for 24 years.

Yet enjoying being 14 is more important than being a 'celebrity'
and indeed the latter status is probably best avoided at any age.

I hope that the sports agents, media, ad. agencies and mags., do not intrude on her life
too much and too soon. Things augur well so far as she apparently had to
decline a media interview after winning an earlier round as it was past her bedtime.
More recently her mother reportedly commented to the effect that she still
has to take her turn to load the dishwasher at home. It is
hard to get children at any age to do the latter but long may
that kind of atmosphere prevail and of course long may
she continue to excel at tennis and at teenage life.

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