Monday, August 04, 2008

NHS 2008 - How it works in Practice

During Mass on Sunday (after the sermon) I fainted and despite
protestations that nothing was amiss, the various
doctors in the congregation had me whisked off in an
ambulance to St Georges NHS Trust Hospital thus enabling me to
revisit the question and answer in my post last week
from first hand experience.

Every conceivable heart diagnostic device was applied
with great skill and sensitivity by numerous medics and at once which is
apparently potentially essential in some heart cases (in the event luckily
not mine).
Every non-medical person employed by the Hospital
as well as the NHS ambulance paramedics also spared no
time or trouble in making my NHS stay as pleasaant
as possible. Cleaning seemed non stop and effective.

Unlike Mum's St Helier NHS hopsital, the specialist heart wing
of St Georges has 21C feel and look about it. The medical diagnosis
was carefully considered and explained in detail and proved to be nothing
life threatening and not even as bad as Tony Blair's similar type
condition a year or two back.

The pharmacist explained the proposed
medication and provided copious pamphlets and illustrations of
what was likely to be going on in the heart and last but not
least the hospital food was healthy and tasty.

Still being in hospital is not something to look forward to
so although the consultant said that he prefered me to stay for two nights
he agreed not to veto my departure after one.

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