Saturday, November 29, 2008


The major events of this week concerned yet more senseless killing,
this time in Mumbai. Doubtless a link to one of the world's great
religions will be suspected if not established. Charity in thought
and deed will then be needed to avoid tarring the great mass of the religion's adherents with the same brush as may be applied to the killers.

Half way across the world, those who band together to kill
maybe ostensibly in the name of religion, have probably had so little offered to them to to fill the questing void in their own lives that tragically
they became easy prey for greedy and power hungry fanatics.
Participation in creative arts and sciences, sports, actively helping charities and similar
good and graceful actions are positive ways of filling the questing inspired by the Holy Spirit from human nature.
Murder mayhem and power seeking, comprise the tragic but thankfully not equal, opposites.

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