Sunday, November 30, 2008

More on Freedom of Speech

Following my Sticks Stones and Religion post a few days back, a far more subtle
and insideous attack on the freedoms of speech, the enjoyment of which
we in the UK have long take for granted, occurred with the arrest and
nine hours imprisonment of Damian Green the Conservative Party spokesman on
MPs of all political hues, have for years made political hay out
of highlighting or publishing information that the government of the day
would rather not be see the light of day.

Damian Green, presumably having been contacted by a concerned civil servant,
published information about the recruitment in security work of 1000s of
individuals whose presence in UK is illegal.
Apparantly only for causing this and similar embarassments to HM Govt,
he is arrested and held against his will for hours.
If so, such actions would be a sad indictment of the way in which
the current government in the UK, regards individual and parliamentary

Conservative Boris Johnson on the other hand seeks to enquire into the possibility
of legitimising the landed and work statii of those immigrants who presence
within these shores does not meet the laid down red tape requirements.
This latter action openly proposed despite its not toeing the Tory party
line is far more enlightened than any actions tantamount to
bullying immigration statistics whistle blowers into submission.

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