Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008 - Motley Thoughts

The Donhead Carols a week or two back following on from
the Sacred Heart Parish Advent Carols paved the way for
the spirit of Christmas this year.

The death of Harold Pinter playright and the death of
a soldier in Afganistan on Christmas Eve were sad stark reminders
of the huge depth, fragility yet flawed nature of the human race that
the baby Jesus joined. Channel 4 TV did well to decode the
tinsel and sentiment that has enwrapped the Holy Family
story over the years. Their conclusion that one
of the Magi did not come from Ethiopia was a surprise though.

Family gatherings were as usual, great fun and
jogging over frosty Wimbledon Common at dawn on Christmas Eve
and Boxing Day with the Headmaster, was a cold counter-foil to
the warming feasts of turkey and bubbly that took place in between.

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