Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Grande Cafe in the Recession

The Woseley in London's Piccadily was the venue chosen by generous
Irish brother of Mrs maytrees, for a family pre-Christmas reunion lunch.

Having had a pre breakfast jog over Wimbledon Common, a light lunch
with some hyrdraulic refreshment to include lots of sparking water
as well as some warming wine was ideal. The unusual starter choice
featured on their menu as: "Chicken Soup with a Half Salt Beef Sandwich".
Unusual but delicious as were the moules frites but a highlight
apart from the Irish, British and Malaysian company, was the White Tip tea
I drank at the end - Chinese I think and the best tea I can recall
ever having tasted. Mrs maytree's bro kindly picked up all the
tab with some devalued £s - thank you N.

Most people on the still crowded Picadilly outside after lunch
appeared to be tourists and while mrs maytrees opted to to enjoy
some London window shopping, I enjoyed a stroll through a crisp
Green Park. Again tourists abounded with little sign of
London locals.

The recession did not seem to affect trade at the Wolseley -yet - but
without the influx of people from across the seas, I am sure it
and nearby streets would not be so prosperous looking.

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