Sunday, December 07, 2008

Zimbabwe in Advent 2008

Father Tim Curtis SJ made a timely urgent appeal at Mass this morning for
help to alleviate hunger, suffering and cholera in Zimbabwe.

Jesuit Missions run schools hospitals and mission stations there so he
was able to recount first hand, the suffering from the oppressive, repressive and cruel dictatorship there.

The maytrees' household having only yesterday paid £100s for a new dishwasher
made me feel how we in Europe take our privileges for granted. Father Tim
recounted how students in Harare spend all week ends simply
fetching and carrying water - their fight is for basic survival while we
not only have running water but can buy machines to use it to clean the dishes we have enjoyed meals from. Many people of Zimbabwe have so little food that dishes where used are likely to be licked clean anyway.

Speaking with Father Tim after Mass he predicted that Mugabe's reaction
to the spreading Cholera crisis will be to call upon Gordon Brown to resign.
How tragically absurd - I am no friend of UK Labour led by Gordon Brown but if the UK
Govt was to now to try to coordinate others with the UK to take military action
to oust Mugabe, I would on the lesser of the two evils, basis, give such
decision full support.

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