Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gaza: Human Tragedy, Tony Benn and the BBC

The human grief and misery within Gaza are tragic irrespective of
the politics, which are complicated.

The BBC is a great but imperfect British institution, which for some feeble reasons
apparently based on a need for political neutrality,
decided this week to decline a request to
broadcast an appeal for aid to relieve the suffering in Gaza,
by the UK disasters relief committee.

Tony Benn is a politician with views usually politically diametrically opposed to
my own. However this morning on the BBC Radio 4 programme, when
asked to explain why he disagreed so fundamentally with the BBC decision, he wasted no time with explanations
but instead used the opportunity to make the very appeal for humanitarian aid
that the BBC had vetoed. All credit to him. I was intrigued by his use of apt
Biblical quotations (New Testament) to illustrate his great point as previously
I had not appreciated any religious leanings in Tony Benn's speeches.

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