Saturday, January 31, 2009

Digital Developments in C21

C21 is still less than a decade young yet the speed with which digital developments
are affecting ordinary lives mainly I think/hope for the better, is breath taking.

Mobile phones of course originated in C20 and side effects such as
the nuisance caused to those whose peace is loudly interrupted on SWTrains
should not be ignored but many 3rd world countries without the
capital to build landline infrastructure are in C21 benefitting
from mobile telephony. This gives individuals versitility and independence in speaking privately to one another.
For example it was not long ago that the Taliban in
Afganistan even talked of blowing up mobile phone masts such was
their concern that ordinary people might be able to avoid their thought
police whilst communicating on mobiles. Big brother governments
the UK's alas included, are trying to rein in this personal freedom
but I doubt that they will be very succesful.

On a more fun and personal note last week mdtrader on Sharecrazy
answered what was becoming a bit of a diatribe on a non-investment
thread, with reference to a Youtube video clip
by a Russian singer. Upon following his link I came across the talented
Russian singer whose clip entitled I think "its contagious"
she recorded in USA. I was then thanks to C21 digital advances able
not only to watch and listen almost instantly but also
to download the clip effortlessly for future sight and sound.
A form of learning entertainment and publicity unheard of
to earlier generations.

All this is certainly food for the senses of awe and wonder.

The link:


  1. What a very nice song! Never heard it before.
    Jerry, I expect you've seen this clip for Billy Joel's "We didn't start the fire", but just in case.
    I don't particularly like the music, but the lyrics - well it's our life, isn't it!

  2. Greetings Barnaby - Great lyrics I agree.

    Try this for both lyrics and music:


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