Saturday, February 07, 2009

London Snowstorms February 2009

The working week began on Monday in surreal fashion.
Snow in suburban SW20 was 6 inches deep on roads and
footpaths. No SWTrains London Underground or Trams
from Wimbledon station and no buses either.

In a way one of the greatest experiences
of the unusual (for London) weather was the almost complete
absence of traffic noise - the silence was bliss.

Recalling the way in which I managed to travel to work
during the last storm to KO London's Transport when
gales hit in the 1980's, I trudged through the snow
to South Wimbledon Northern Line Underground Station.
The service was near normal on this deep underground line
as it was also on the Victoria Line interchange for the

At the office only 3 of us had made it by
9am and one of those had spent the night in residence in
the flat there. We took turns to answer the phones.
Mrs Maytrees told me later that the headmaster who
telephoned me at work then telephoned her
to say that I had been demoted as I was answering the telephones.

London looked truely beautiful in the deep snow.

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