Saturday, March 07, 2009

Faith Hope and Credit Crunch

Straitened financial times continue worldwide and the sombre mood
is perhaps coincidentally, reflected in the current Christian season
of lent.

Lent of course contains within its depth the huge spark of hope
and expectation of the celebration of the Spirit to come. The consequences
of the economic recessionary climate however can seem so dire - loss of
income; collapse of personal savings and pension funds and home repossessions
to name but a few - that it's hard for many to feel any optimism.

Yet a good thing about Lent is that when taking time out from
all that secular striving, to visit Church, the
atmosphere of reflection and optimisism that prevails there
seems then to spread out to all that busy-ness outside, lessening the burdens
the latter somehow.

Worries about the immediacy of the world's and personal tribulations
are eased by letting in the bigger picture.

Lent for me is all about hope and the bigger picture

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