Saturday, March 14, 2009

All Paths Arrive at the Same Destination - Even Red Nosed Ones

The above can be used , to convey the idea that although our
earthly routes towards being fulfilled by God's 100% love are all different,
everyone will get to that same point of fulfillment in the end; or being in
a reflective mood at present, at the end of the begining.

But I was thinking more of the extraordinary popularity and success
of the UK's Red Nose Day which seems to last for days but I think
was officially on Friday 13th March 2009.

The BBC reports a record £57m raised for charities and worthy causes in 2009.
Unfortunately the red nosed path
completely passes me by although raising money for charity
of course does not. Much of what many people seem to regard as funny or
entertaining I find unfunny or even boring. Certainly Red Nose
Day stuff does not inspire me to give to worthy causes.
On the other hand doing something painful in order to raise
money for charity does appeal. For example Sarah Outen plans to row across the Indian Ocean soon in memory of her father who died in 2006 - amazing and
inspiring but probably not a little mad too. Or the mass appeal
of the London Marathon. All those blisters, pain and health risks even
to the extent of passing out yet 32,000 people have a go
annually and raised c. £32m between them in 2002 so the total
in 2009 might be similar to the Red Nosers.

The rowers and runners appeal to me but not the Red Nosers
yet their aims are similar. At the end of the day a family
say in Darfur, fed with charity money, is not going to be
bothered about whether the money came from sponsoring
a London Marathon Runner or a BBC Red Nose show.
Both paths lead to the same end of putting food in
the mouths of the hugely needy.

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