Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wimbledon 10k Road Race 22nd March 2009

Brilliant sunshine at 08:30 hours this morning I assumed would
mean that there would be a larger than usual crowd turning out for
the Wimbledon 10k this year. That assumption was soon confirmed
when the 57 bus sailed by the stop at the end of our home street in SW20
too full even for one more runner. Subsequently on being given a lift
to the Wimbledon Rugby Club start by mrs maytrees, the organisers
announced that the line up was full and that no more could join.
I had previously registered online but younger brother was fortunate enough to
to be able to join on the morning just before the list closed.

The course was slightly different this year with more of the early
section being run through the rugby pitches compared with
last years mass start on local roads. The glorious weather made
running conditions almost ideal but also different from 2008 was
the impatience of motorists. Sitting behind a driving wheel
in a car with engine idling aching to accelerate I suppose
brings out road rage tendencies in some but the larger the car
the louder the car horns and the smaller the driver's consideration
for other appeared to be.

Just as I was running past the foot of Edge Hill mrs maytrees
with sister-in-law on their way to Sunday Mass gave me an encouraging

Up Wimbledon Hill - "what hill?" mr headmaster used to say at that point
which had the desired psychological effect.
Running through Wimbledon Village at about 09:50 and seeing the
Mothering Sunday coffee and breakfast takers already enjoying the
morning sunshine reminded me how simply
being alive in SW19 and SW20 on such a morning, is a privilege.

Another improvement on the course route was to turn right
over the Common towards Cannizaro House before the left turn back
for Raynes Park and Durham Road. My time then benefitted from
taking the pace of a younger runnner who told me that
this was her first race before she edged ahead. Then in the
final strait between the rugby posts, younger
brother caught me up. Although I crossed the line ahead
of him his Chip time was I'd guess some 20 seconds better
than mine.

Breakfast at the Windmill made for a great end to the morning's

A BIG THANK YOU to all sponsors who enabled me to raise over £1600 for
the Sacred Heart Wimbledon Catholic Parish Appeal.

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