Sunday, October 25, 2009

Daily Commute - Hapazard Pictures


  1. Wow, Jerry, what a commute! It must be especially beautiful at this time of year. That looks like a very classy street in the last picture. The Old Kent Road it most decidedly is not!
    I wonder what the train fare costs you. I'm going down to see my sister in Modbury near Plymouth next month and have decided to take the coach as train prices seem so horrendous.

  2. Greetings Barnaby

    TX for yr interesting comments.

    Gripes about UK train fares are common enough but my annual SWTrains season at c.£1,100 does not seem too bad especially as it includes 6 free tickets for use free including family/friends, on the SWTrains network at weekends and bank holidays. I think the SWTrain network goes as far as Plymouth but we have certainly made full use of those freebie tickets to visit daughters at Exeter uni.

    Also Londoners aged 60 get an annual
    Oyster ticket for free travel on the whole system of trains tubes buses trams and DLR which seems pretty generous as its worth exceeds the amount of the Council Tax payable each year for an average London home.

    As to the commute route itself; coincidentally just after publishing my piccies, Boris the London Mayor announced a (pie in the sky during the recession perhaps?) plan for redeveloping some Battersea/Vauxhall lands near to the Thames to include a new pedestrian footbridge from Vauxhall to Pimlico. I doubt though that that will be up and running b4 I hang up my commuting boots. The USA Embassy's decision to move to that area may be causing developers to dust down their plans around Nine Elms and the old pewer station generally.

  3. EDIT: To add a piccie of a rather folorn looking and still as yet undeveloped Battersea Power Station as seen fom Vauxhall Bridge earler this month. The view was obscured by the sun when the other commute pictures were taken.

    Following the Freedom Pass which permits free travel on the Wimbledon District Line at any time but only from 09:30 on SWTrains daily, commute is now varied to take the Underground to Victoria and walk S in the morning rather than SWTrains to Vauxhall and walk N but return by Vauxhall SWTrains as before. Maybe worth another photo or two in a while


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