Saturday, November 21, 2009

Going to the Dogs - Smoke Free

The 25th HCPT Racenight at Wimbledon Greyhound racing stadium last night was an unusual treat for 93 year old mum's birthday. The London Beaumont HCPT region with the Porters will have raised a good few £ks for the disabled children.
As an occasion to enjoy good food, fun, family friends and some silly betting (£2 a go on the Tote) it was as idiosyncratic as they come.

Mum was given a bouquet of flowers by the organisers and dad emerged £17.70p up
on the dogs at the end of the evening. The human race especially when the human hare was almost caught up by th ehuman hounds, was the source of the most laughter on the 93rd party table.

A serious difference between the atmosphere at London's last remaining greyhound racing stadium yesterday and a few years ago was the effect of the ban on smoking. A few years back the food and atmosphere were sour with acrid cigarette smoke. Last night the absence of smoke made for an evening which was far more fun. If the prohibition on smoking in public places has made so much positve difference to so trivial an event as a dog race obviously the benefits must be equally applicable to more significant human gatherings and overall the quality of lives for many many people must be better for it.

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