Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tragic and Inhumane - Man's Inhumanity to Child

Yet more tragic reports of deeply unchristian abuse of children by Catholic Clergy in Ireland only too well summarised in today's Guardian newspaper headline reading:

The Irish church's legacy of abuse In covering up the appalling abuse of chlidren in its care, the Irish Catholic church broke its own rules, as well as the state's

That a generation ago the ethos of society was more geared to preventing the black ripples of scandal spreading more than absolutely neccessary, might explain why men of previous generations acted to prevent publicity but by the 21st century, Church hierachy along with every other establishment people must have appreciated that a lack of transparency compounds rather than diminishes the reaction to the scandal when eventually light is thrown on those darkest corners.

The teachings of Christ and the work of His Church on earth, underpin imho the whole purpose of each individual's existence on the planet. The dreadful malfeasance of priests no less than that of tyrants or malevolant dictators, does not detract from that fundamental truth. Yet in addition to the huge pain caused to children or other vulnerable or weak people and their families, the damage extends to rendering that Truth more difficult for them and others to discern - Alas a new kind of "Cloud of Unknowing".

The appalling actions of individual clergy being reported does however also beg the question of what kind of influences were brought to bear on those so called clergy men when they themselves were children growing up. There needs to be research into reasons for children's emotional development being so stunted during their formative years that they have become incapable when attaining adulthood of forming deep loving relationships with adult women and men. Education may be the key especially by parents. Schools too should give more of the curriculum to facilitating this fundamental human development amongst their pupils/students. Unfortunately the Government in England at least is now endeavouring to focus schools more on mechanical sex education than on adult respect love and the quest for Truth.

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