Saturday, January 30, 2010

Football Crazy and "Security"

A  newspaper report today (Indy or Mail I think) about an airline pilot  being sacked for allowing a famous footballer into the cockpit during a private flight reminded mrs maytrees and I of how  personal discretion and freedoms are being whittled away in the name of "security". Furthermore once a freedom has gone  or a layer of bureacracy imposed, the chances of the freedom being regained or the redtape being cut, are very slim.

Years ago whilst we were in Ireland with two then tiny children, we needed to fly back from Dublin a day early. We had booked a  flight with Aer Lingus which said no to our request. BEA (now part of BA) said that they would exchange  our Aer Lingus tickets and rebook with BEA for a flight leaving the day before provided that we accepted the last flight out - about 10pm. We agreed. Upon joining the flight the stewardess told us we were the only passengers. Furthermore she gave us the whole bag of toys they  shared out amongst all the infants usually on a flight. A few minutes later she said that as we were alone in the huge passenger  cabin, the pilot had invited us all to join the aircrew in the cockpit which he (correctly) assumed would also keep our two babies occupied.

No bureacracy; no fuss; much personal discretion and relaxed  freedom.

I suppose since then the likes of  the IRA and now Al Quaeda, who  don't or didn't give a fig for human life especially  if it is not in their  own team, have caused governments to take liberties with their peoples' freedoms but today  even with the promise of compulsory ID cards in the UK  being re-trenched from, one cannot sometimes wonder if Al Queda, the Taliban and miltants have already won much of the diminution of  others freedoms that they are gunning for.

I wonder too why the Al Quaeda type of  international bully was not around in those BEA flight days? What has happened since say 1980 to inspire such deathly inhumane not to mention inhuman, attitudes becoming so prevalent in parts of  the world?

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