Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Old Friends In Ireland

Age 10+ to 13- were perhaps the hardest years of my  childhood as they were spent at an austere boys' boarding  prep school long since closed, in Seaford  close to the South Downs. Sharing the pain of those days with me  was an 11 year old Irish boy who as divine providence good fortune or chance (you pays your money and takes your choice applies) has it I have been in touch with  mainly by  the written word right up to the present day -  a friendship spanning c.50 years.

As divine providence still  has it, this week took me momentarily to Ireland. It was wonderful to go beyond our long lasting and long  distance written word  friendship dimension  and renew the old friendship  in  3D.  Interesting also  to learn that in many ways, our lives after  being friends in those tiny years, have not diverged over much. Indeed many common life choices were apparent, one of which is  the enjoyment of running/jogging. Running this morning before breakfast  on the beaches between Bray and Killiney was delicious.

The shared cauldron of boarding away from home and parents in very early childhood has resulted in many privileges in adulthood which maybe would not have occurred  at all without  that difficult early start.

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