Sunday, January 24, 2010

Individuals' Actions Can Become Communty's

Reflecting on the following from my blog post on the Haiti earthquake disaster:
I feel senses of inadequacy and frustration about the inability to assist very much at least alone; another reminder that no one is that important that he or she can change the world without wider support from the community

made me realise that as the members of the Polish workers union Solidarity demonstrated by precipitating the fall of communism in their country, the sum of actions by individuals can add up to quite significant if not fundamental change. All those individual small contributions to Haiti disaster relief charities like CAFOD may together not only save lives but also facilitate rebuilding society and lives in that state for the longer term.

My bete noir at present is the EC. If only the UK had limited its membership terms to that of a common market and declined to go down the route toward European Union, the feeling of being absorbed into an increasingly amorphous if not homogenous mass would surely not be so apparent as it is now.

Even in such matters however there is scope for individual action. EG the EC in its infinite wisdom is requiring already beleagured Royal Bank of Scotland to sell off many of its branches thus not only facilitating European banks like Santander from acquiring cheaply, a piece of the British local bank sector but also making less likely that the UK taxpayers' huge funds paid in to bail out  RBS from its own erroneous decisons like    paying far too high a  price for  a Dutch bank,  will be repayed profitably. 

Nonetheless whilst the EU mandarins can compel RBS to sell off local branches to banks headquartered say 579 (double if Edinburgh counts RBS HQ at present) miles away, they cannot (yet) compel individual bank customers to remain with their new found distant bank owners. If my RBS branch is compulsorily sold off courtesy of the EU I along with any other individual accoount holder can vote with our feet and transfer.

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