Monday, March 29, 2010

Falklands' Desire

Other people's investment woes are usiually  best viewed  without shadenfraude but with sympathy and with the thought that only luck or good fortune enabled the viewer for a change to avoid that pitfall. The fear/greed factor tends to catch up with everyone eventually so today's investment loss by one personal investor will undoubtedly be mirrored by tomorrow's investment loss for me.

Yet todays announcement by Desire Petroleum that its long awaited oil drill off the Falklands Islands was not looking too promising, did raise a wry thought about how childish  and silly some politicians can seem when it comes to international spats over what are believed to be very valuable resources . Argentina has been doing the rounds recently  of fellow South American states to whip up some sabre rattling and UN moans about the UK drilling in what they regards as Malivinas' Argentinian seas so todays reports almost led me to   laugh (albeit not a large one) at the £bns worth of oil thought to be at issue turning out to be just so much sea water.

The Falklands war was fought many years ago before oil was ever going to be an issue and the war  during which there were tragic deaths on both sides, was over   I believed at the time and still  hope now,  the rights of self determination for the islands' inhabitants rather than about oil.

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