Sunday, April 11, 2010

HCPT Group 35 Easter Week 2010

Another vintage pilgrimage year in Lourdes. The group numbered 7 childen and 15 helpers. 

Highlights this year were the characters of the children,  the dedication of the mainly student helpers and the way in which the long journey down made for a great atmosphere together.

Liturgical highlights included our Group mass in a rotunde de jeunes on the prairie and the Blessing of the Sick.

The funniest highlight was the London Beaumont regional sports day in the preparation of which many old Beaumont boys/families were involved. The unpsoken rule is to avoid winning as the winning HCPT group has the responsibility of organising the sports in the following year.

By the end of Easter Week  we were all happy but exhausted. The  stress free journeys by train from London St Pancras International to the Gare de Lourdes and back  were in welcome contrast to flights and  airport hassles of recent years.  Security delays at airports are understandable but  do  Tarbes airport customs really have to  require 22 passports to be presented together with luggage in ascending alphebetical order  when the Eurostar customs are quite content  to receive any number in any order?

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