Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Message by Radio (and by Blog)

The Thought for the Day  on BBC Radio4 this morning was proffered by Pope Benedict. He  reflected affectionately I thought, on his Visit to this island in September .He  like many of us was pleased at  the positive impact it made and in truth a little surprised that the visit went so well.

Then speaking of surprises he signified that Christ  is indeed  God of Surprises, which theme I think was the subject matter if not the actual title of a book, written a few years back, by a Jesuit theologian Father Gerard Hughes SJ. Pope Benedict gave a thumbnail  sketch of the nativity Christmas message and also  managed in his 3 minute slot to remember those  carrying burdens and those whose time on this planet is nearing its end.

 I was impressed by his obvious sincerity andby the fact that he managed to say so much in so little time. Spin doctoring  superficiality thankfully is not on his page. Catholics in Britain  in my view have  cause to feel in good heart  once more.

For any one who reads this blog whether they lurk or introduce themselves; thank you -  I wish everyone a very happy Christmas and good tidings for the new year.

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