Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Predictions for 2011

Less than a week before 2010 ends; what will 2011 hold I wonder? My personal views are:

USA politics - The emasculation of President Obama's government will cause the the USA to become more introspective which will  not be in the interests of other countries.
Military woes - sadly  more strife and perhaps major  bloodshed in the Korean peninsular seem likely.
UK politics - the Coalition government's honeymoon period being about to end, 2011 will bring with it  hard graft  and there will be moans and worse on the streets. The   government will perforce learn to stick by its difficult decisions so 2011 will see fewer policy U-turns than 2010.
European Politics - Distracting individual countries peoples' attention from local  pain by causing the EU and Brussels to be set up Aunt Sally-like could make a positive impact.
Religion - In the Catholic Church  there will be debate discussion and argument even about the new English translation of the Mass. Already some query the apparent altering of the phrase "we believe" to "I believe" yet such  change if made seems positive to me. Apart from the possibility   (my knowledge of Latin is too rudimentary for any certainties) that Credo really does translate  more literally as 'I believe', surely speaking for oneself is in truth  generally all we can do, as what a man or woman believes in  his/her heart is  known only to individual believer and god. The good that will come out of  such discourses is the realisation that practising  the belief of the love of god is better  for the individual and mankind than virtually anything else -  an increase in confidence in the Church seems likely for 2011.
World economics - the tendency for the Chinese to become the new colonialists by buying up (with real money) third world  countries' resources  will continue.
The media - In the  UK the  Daily Express will be taken over by the Barclay Brothers but sadly BSkyB will fall 100% to Murdoch.
Books - Kindle-like readers will become more popular than  paper page turning.
Theatre - In the UK at least, live drama will thrive.
Transport - The begining of the end for mass ownership of the  internal combustion engined motorcar?
The Arts generally  - UK Government cuts in support will awaken in people the need to do their individual  bit keep them thriving though this may take more than a year.
Personal Investing - My guess (so do your own research) is that the share price currently 24pence  of  AIM listed  Andes Energia  epic AEN (I have some in a SIPP) will gain by more than 100% during 2011.
Sport - I will run but still fail to achieve my pb in the 2011 Virgin London Marathon.

Despite or in some cases perhaps because of the above,  2011 will be an interesting year.


  1. I much enjoyed your predictions for 2011, Jerry. I'm not much good at this sort of thing myself, but I would certainly agree with what you say about books - see my own post (if you can bear to) about the force of habit.
    Happy New Year

  2. I hope 2011 proves to be a vintage year for you and your family Barnaby.


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