Sunday, March 06, 2011

Doom and Gloom

This blog title  I think reflects one aspect of  the mood of the moment.

The weather remains cold and grey, citizens are fleeing their homes and for their lives in tens of thousands around the world   in countries such as  The Ivory Coast and Libya where despotic regimes cling to power against the will of the people;  in the UK every attempt made by the government to rein in public spending of  other people's money, is met by howls of anguish as are most  attempts such as VAT  or motor car fuel tax increases, to raise money to pay for services for the needy or to pay down debts. Religious oppression by killing,  continues in Pakistan, the EU mandarins' gravy train continues its expensive first class journey, spewing out red tape everywhere  as it speeds along,  unemployment increases as does poverty but these inequities do not deter the paying of what appear to be almost obscene sums of money on mere games such as football.

Yet other aspects of life are far brighter and positive;  a  before breakfast jog over Wimbledon Common even in the cold and grey climate never fails to lift the spirits;  sights and sounds of nature's wild life abound and are free to all to absorb; in Town  so much of art and literature is available to gaze at in wonder and awe  without fee at libraries galleries and museums and even the daily commute on the District Line from Wimbledon  is  livened up with an easy and inexpensive read courtesy of a Kindle. Individual people one comes across, continue to be amazingly kind, humourous gentle insightful generous and tolerant thus demonstrating the true greatness and nature  of the human spirit.

The mood of the moment in an individual sense is I think affected by the individual's own attitude to what might be called his or her interior life. A belief in God and the Holy Spirit  surely leads to  reflection and contemplation from time to time if only upon a "what's it all for?" basis.  The answer in such interior questing and debate times  is always being revealed in the  people and ordinary things round and about and thankfully  belies this blog's title.

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