Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wimbledon 10K - Sunday 13th March 2011

Wimbledon Rugby Football Club was again the site of the start and finish point for this twice yearly event. Oldest daughter maytrees ma and her boyfriend Stuart having also entered,  gave the event a family needle once more - last year younger brother and his son provided the competitive edge.

Beauty went before age though, as maytrees ma finished at a creditable 48 minutes Stuart 46 minutes with yours truly straggling in late at 57 minutes. An increasingly popular  race for amateur runners like us probably because of the excellent stewarding of the course but  also perhaps because SW19 and SW20 are  family friendly places anyway.

 A highlight was a father and son team (complete strangers to me) struggling a little at the final stretch when father went red in the face and had to pause for breath.. After greeting and checking that they were ok I overtook them only to see them beat me at the finish. Son gave me thanks for the encouragement and a high five. Father who was beaming, turned out to be a couple of years older than me and really deserved his win.

The other thoughts and prayer  that went through my mind during the race  concerned the earthquake,  tsunami and possible nuclear meltdown events still unfolding in Japan.

Mrs maytrees then joined us for the full English breakfast and coffee at the Italian cafe in Raynes Park - a great Sunday morning.


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