Sunday, April 10, 2011

More Democracy?

Yet another attempt  to persuade the residents of the few remaining  streets who have already voted no to the proposal to create a  paying car park zone (CPZ) to replace the continuing  free parking anarchy, caused me to write to the propounder of the CPZ last week:

Dear John,

Thank you for your note and reminder about the  CPZ.

The community spirit behind your concerns is  great and puts my own lack of involvement into perspective.

However we have voted two or is it three, times already, each time with a clear "no". Polling us all again and again until we say "yes" is more a reflection of  European  democracy than ours. For example the Irish clearly voted "No" to the  proposed  European constitution. That was the wrong answer for European mandarins so they tweeked the draft constitution a little, re-named it the Lisbon Treaty and got the Irish to vote again having issued dire warnings about what might happen if they did not give the right answer this time. Sadly (imho) the Irish voted 'yes 'second time round.

Obviously our little SW20 CPZ is in a different level of importance but the anti-democratic principle of getting people to vote and vote again until they give the "right answer" seems the same. The Irish have not since been given the opportunity to have another chance to vote no. Likewise if  (street) votes yes on the next occasion it seems pretty unlikely to me that we would get a chance to vote no later or will Merton undertake to let us have another vote to see if we still like it 12 months after a "yes" vote?

Inconvenient though it may be my preference is to let the majority decision already made at least twice, stand. 

Thanks again for your community spirit - much appreciated.

Having voted for anarchy we should imho live with it.

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